You have a fleet, but no method to monitor and manage it effectively. You watch your operating costs grow every hour of every day, and are constantly thinking of ways you can improve your efficiency.

We can manage this all for you!

With GeekBro, your fleet management process is not only instantly digitised, but you will also see substantial improvements in efficiency in as little as 2 months!

GeekBro will monitor and provide recommendations of what to do and when… with brotherly love!

  • Great news for fleet managers!

    Within GeekBro’s core lies our cutting-edge Behavioural Operating System (BOS) – letting you analyse driver performance in real-time, and take actions to reduce costs for your business.

    It will show you not only where your vehicles are, but HOW they are being handled, helping you make the right decisions promptly.

    GeekBro will help drive efficiencies by saving you time, money, and making your fleet a safer one as each day goes by.

    Leverage data for safer, more efficient fleets. We track and display important data in one easy-to-use dashboard so that you can manage your fleet more efficiently and utilise all the tools at your disposal. With GeekBro, fleet owners are able to:

    • Increase safety, while decreasing expenses
    • Promote company-wide transparency
    • Operate more efficiently
    • Predict and prevent undesirable consequences, and improve overall conditions on the road
  • Know not only where, but how!

    Traditional fleet management software helps you understand where your fleet is. But understanding HOW it is currently being utilised, is the secret to unlock your fleet’s true potential

    Understanding driver performance will help you assign tasks more effectively, and build greater transparency between you and your drivers.

    Focus your attention on what will help you make the greatest difference to your fleet, and significantly improve your business metrics.

    Our proprietary behavioural operating system evaluates driver performance by analysing:

    • Speed
    • Acceleration
    • Braking
    • Cornering

    By assigning a score to each driver in your fleet, GeekBro provides you with a real time pulse of your fleet, and helps direct your attention on those who need improving so that you can influence your business metrics positively.

    This helps save you time by focusing your attention exactly where it’s needed, and helps improve transparency between you and your drivers, as the data is there for you both to review.

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  • Analysis and feedback lead to savings. They go hand in hand.

    Understanding driver performance is like analysing the rhythm of your heart – it helps you understand the health of your fleet at different points in time.

    GeekBro helps you understand these trends and how to improve them, leading to savings across the board!

    Ready to increase profits with little-to-no effort?

    We think it’s important to incentivise safe and optimal driving with rewards, and with GeekBro you can do exactly that!

    Link driver bonuses to driver performance and see your fleet become safer, whilst improving your bottom line with savings across fuel, maintenance and wear & tear.

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  • Hindsight is

    Take advantage of GeekBro’s prediction tool, which highlights drivers that require your attention at any point in time and are most likely to have an accident.

    This proactive approach will save you and your fleet a lot of time, money and resources in repairing your vehicles, substituting your damaged goods, and dealing with any insurance claims or worse.

    Seamlessly identify and track risky drivers in real time so that you can run your show more efficiently, while minimising chances of risk.

    With GeekBro you can take immediate action, such as replacing an aggressive driver or remotely blocking the engine immediately after the first stop. This way you can prevent an accident before it becomes a reality.

  • Had a collision?
    I already know!

    Amongst GeekBro’s unique features is the ability to instantly notify you if there has been a collision involving your vehicles.

    This notification comes with data that paints the picture for you and helps you take the right measures instantly.

    Once GeekBro has identified a collision, it will notify you and send you a full report within seconds. The report includes information such as time, location, collision severity, where your vehicle was damaged and much more.

    These reports help when dealing with insurance claims, and include a log of actions taken by your fleet manager, so that you have everything accounted for in one place.

    For those clients who wish to integrate this functionality with cameras, GeekBro will also save recordings of the collision within the report.

  • Incentivise safety
    across your fleet.

    Your fleet may be carrying fragile or valuable goods, but after all the most valuable goods in your vehicles are your drivers!

    GeekBro helps you incentivise safety across your fleet by creating transparency with driver performance.

    Using our platform, you can also set up rewards for improved driver performance, so that your employees have more skin in the game!

    With real-time data on your side, you’ll be equipped to make money-saving decisions from our all-encompassing dashboard.

    The result? You’ll be able to work smarter and sleep soundly knowing you’re making more money than ever.

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  • Connecting is as
    easy as 1, 2, 3.

    For our customers who have an existing telematics tracker installed, connecting to GeekBro takes minutes!

    For those who do not, no problem! We will consult you to pick the right equipment for your needs, and have our technicians connect you right away!

    Get in touch with our team, who will manage this all for you and ensure a seamless setup tailored to your needs.

    We don’t work with integrators or middle-men, meaning we hold relationships with our clients directly.

    Our software is also device and manufacturer agnostic, meaning that any device you have will connect easily to our platform.

  • A platform local to

    We only work in regions where our teams are based, ensuring direct customer support with the highest of standards.

    We also ensure that your data is held in compliance with local laws and data protection regulations.

  • GeekBro speaks
    your language.

    Tailor our product to your business needs using our plug-n-play add-ons, and customize your experience with bespoke settings specific for your operations.

    Visit our Product page to see the full list of add-ons we provide to personalize the platform to your needs.

    Our First Aid Kit page provides detailed tutorials about all the ways you can customize your platform and receive as many notifications as you wish.