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We constantly monitor any issues that occur, and resolve them with lightning fast turnaround. But in case we missed anything, reach out to our team and we will prioritise your queries.


Our devices determine location to the nearest 5 metres.

Our devices also calculate the odometer of the vehicle, with a 5% degree of error – this occurs due to the error within GPS systems, and tyre wear in some cases.

We do provide devices that connect to the Controller Area Network, which would reduce any error for the odometer readings.

Our platform includes all of the basics you would expect from a fleet management platform, with a few cutting edge features providing benefits for you and your fleet:

  1. Driver performance assessment using our unique scoring system, tying driver scores to savings realised across your fleet
  2. Instant collision notifications, so that you can respond to incidents timely and with valuable data at hand
  3. Penalty mapping, showing you where driver violations occurred and how severe they are
  4. Penalty cards so that you can quickly and effectively determine which drivers / trips to focus on to improve your fleet

Have no worries if the signal from your device is lost! This can happen when a vehicle is in an area with poor signal. Our devices still maintain and collect trip data for up to 12 hours of drive time, and upload this onto our platform once signal is reestablished.

If signal from the device is lost for any other reasons, our support team will be in touch with you to resolve any issues in a timely manner.

Yes, but please do inform your Account Manager ahead of time to ensure the correct vehicle is registered to the device. If you would like to, our specialists can also arrange this transfer for a small fee.

All of our devices are able to record a vehicle’s fuel / battery usage, on a trip basis and as a whole.

However, to record and monitor fuel / battery levels, we will need to provide you with a vehicle Controller Area Network adapter (with a one-time activation fee) that can record this, and many other features on top including:

  • Open window notifications
  • Open trunk / hood notifications
  • Open door notifications
  • Lock status notifications
  • Seatbelt notifications
  • Exact odometer reading
  • Oil level / pressure warnings
  • Engine temperature warnings
  • Tyre / brake warning lights

After an agreement is in place, our Operations team will be in touch to arrange a time and place to efficiently install devices onto all your vehicles. If required, we can provide our specialists who can carry out these installations, at a small additional fee.

In the top right corner of the screen, click on:

> Profile > Passwords .

If you cannot click on the "Passwords" button, click on the button on the top right with the three dots > Settings > AutoFill Password Manager

Verify the prompt to save password settings.

For customers who require this functionality, we can add a small component during the installation process that will enable this feature for your vehicles.

Our platform is currently able to generate the following reports, but we also continue to add to these consistently:

  1. Driver performance / rating over time
  2. Distance travelled
  3. Time travelled
  4. Idling time
  5. Maximum speed
  6. Penalties
  7. Odometer readings
  8. Engine hours

Our application is available on all mobile stores – you can download them by searching for “GeekBro” in the application stores, or following these links:

Please click on the “Forgot my Password” prompt at the login page, or get in touch with your Account Manager.

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