Who is

GeekBro is a comprehensive fleet management software platform that increases safety and reduces operating costs up to 30%. Our platform’s unique driver scoring system helps you create automated workflows and provides unique data insights to take your business to the next level! Save yourself valuable time and money, and realise efficiencies across your entire fleet!

How it works

How it works

Leverage data for safer, more efficient fleets. We track and display important data in one easy-to-use dashboard so that you can manage your fleet more efficiently and utilise all the tools at your disposal. With GeekBro, fleet owners are able to:

  • Increase safety, while decreasing expenses
  • Promote company-wide transparency
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Predict and prevent undesirable consequences, and improve overall conditions on the road

Scoring system, helping you save!

Scoring system

While helping you improve driver performance across your fleet, GeekBro also allows you to measure the potential losses or savings that your business can achieve with better driver performance.

Our proprietary behavioural operating system evaluates driver performance by analysing:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering

By assigning a score to each driver in your fleet, GeekBro helps provide you with a real time pulse of your fleet, and helps direct your attention on those who need improving so that you can influence your business metrics positively. This helps save you time by focusing your attention exactly where it’s needed, and helps improve transparency between you and your drivers as the data is there for you both to review.

Prediction, prevention and collision notifications

collision notifications

Take advantage of GeekBro’s prediction tool, which highlights drivers that require your attention at any point in time and are most likely to have an accident. This proactive approach will save you and your fleet a lot of time, money and resources in repairing your vehicles, substituting your damaged goods, and dealing with any insurance claims or worse.

Seamlessly identify and track risky drivers in real time so that you can run your show more efficiently, while minimising chances of risk. With GeekBro you can take immediate action, such as replacing an aggressive driver or remotely blocking the engine immediately after the first stop. This way you can prevent an accident before it becomes a reality.

However when collisions do occur, GeekBro send you instant accident notifications, helping you notify emergency response units immediately, and access detailed information to deal with claims more efficiently. GeekBro will instantly notify you and send you a detailed report that recreates the incident in seconds, showing severity, collision direction, and more.