Prediction and Collision Notifications – see everything.

Collision Prediction is a revolutionary feature that we have worked to add to our platform. Using our driver performance analysis, and external physical conditions (e.g. time of day, weather, etc.), GeekBro is able to pinpoint which drivers have the highest likelihood of getting into a collision. This way, our platform can inform you of scenarios and help you take preventative measures before they potentially become a reality and negatively impact your business. It’s easy to imagine how much money you can save thanks to this feature, let alone lives.

However, not all events are preventable. In the event of a collision, we have built in instant collision notifications. This notifies you when a driver has been in an accident, and outlines key details such as location, severity, and likely cause so that you can take action instantly and with data on your side. We can also equip vehicles with cameras (at an additional cost) which record these events as they occur, providing you with visual data. The result is priceless information on your side when dealing with claims, and potentially life-threatening situations.

Prediction and Collision Notifications – see everything