The start of something new.

How to reduce business costs by using assets more efficiently? This question is one that entrepreneurs regularly ask themselves, and one that we aim to answer! With our team’s vast experience across the fleet and insurance sector, we understood very well the problems faced by owners and operators of assets, especially vehicles: high operating costs, service costs, accidents, insurance, security issues, and more.

All of this is familiar to us, and we as people stand at the root of every activity. An individual drives a car, and the outcome depends on one’s performance. Therefore, performance became a key factor around which our product was built.

We saw traditional telematics being used to understand the positioning of assets, and that a seamless product around driver performance was lacking. We took this gap in the market to develop our behavioural Operating System (bOS), using telematics technology to create customer-friendly products that our users would benefit from immensely. After all, by measuring driver performance, you can correct and improve it, leading to the solution of all the above problems. And so GeekBro was born!

The start of something new